Environmental intelligence for healthy cities

Software to facilitate the decision-making process and the prioritization of strategies against climate change

already improve their quality of life

beneficiary population

monitored urban area
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For municipalities

We help you to achieve the objectives of your strategic plans to adapt to climate change

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For Consultancy firms

We provide you with the tools to increase the precision in your advisory projects

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For citizens

We empower people to achieve healthier and more conscious habits, improving their quality of life

Tools to fight the effects of climate change



Software that monitors and measures the temperature, at the neighbourhood level, locating the most vulnerable areas and offering recommendations for action to stabilize the temperature in those areas

  • Locating priority spots
  • Suggestions for measures and actions
  • Predictive and monitoring of mitigation achieved




App that shows you the healthiest routes to move around your city. Athletes, allergies, people with reduced mobility or any citizen can find the path that best suits their needs

  • More shadow
  • Less noise
  • Less allergens


The design of suitable indicators to monitor the development and results of programmed actions is currently essential for the public manager;
Green Urban Data is an allyin our city.

José Ignacio Lacomba
Head of service in environment and climate change area of Valencia City and doctor of biological sciences

Healthy Routes App is a fresh initiative that fosters smart mobility from another point of view: unhurriedly and improving citizens health. Its greatest potential is to provide information on healthy mobility.
There is no such app in the market.

Manuel Gomicia
Councilor of Territory and Smart City of Alcoi City

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Adapt yout city to climate change with Green Urban Data

Thanks to satellite technology, Big Data and predictive models the quality of life in your city can significantly improve



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